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Asahi EBIOS 2000 tablets

Asahi EBIOS 2000 tablets

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Brewer Yeast known as an important component of making beer by fermentation. Its size is about 10 microns (1 milimeters of 1 micron = 1000 minutes). It is spherical or egg-shaped under a microscope. The Glucan and Mannan in the cell wall is an essential amino acids and vitamins and it contains a lot of nutritional ingredients.

The live Brewer Yeast helps the digestive function, increase those ‘good bacteria’, such as lactic acid.


- Bloating, Indigestion, Stomach Abdominal Fullness

- Overeat, Over-Drink, Heartburn, Chest Tightness, Nausea (Nausea, Hangover, Drunk Nausea), Vomiting

- Weak Stomach, Loss of Appetite (Anorexia)

- Nutritional Supplements, Nutritional Disorders

- Pregnant Woman, Breastfeeding Woman and Frail Physique Nutritional Supplements

Made in Japan 


For age above 15 years old, 10 tablets 3 times a day, after meals.  


[per daily dosage: 30 tablets]

Dry Yeast 7125mg

Containing lactose, calcium hydrogen phosphate, silicic anhydride, a hydrogenated oil as an additive.
Ebios tablet is a tablet with a taste and yeast peculiar smell in the yellowish-white to pale yellowish brown.


- Keep out reach of children. 

- Please store in cool dry place. 

- Reseal tightly after use.  

- Please do not exceed the recommended intake.

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