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Bathclin Onbiyoku Metabolic Refreshing Herb 40g

Bathclin Onbiyoku Metabolic Refreshing Herb 40g

Bathclin Onbiyoku Metabolic Refreshing Herb 40g

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The active ingredients enhance the warm bath effect, promote blood circulation & metabolism. It contains ginger (the active ingredients) and carbonate (moisturizing ingredients). It formulated with fermented ingredients - Natto extract. The golden jojoba oil, evening primrose oil to moisten your skin. 

Water color: Milky white

Made in Japan 



Extract, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, PEG stearate, PEG (120), sorbitan oleate, POE (20) oleate, sorbitan, anhydrous silicic acid, soap base, absolute ethanol, oxidized Mg, perfume, viscosity modifier

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