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Chocola BB Plus 250 tablets

Chocola BB Plus 250 tablets

Chocola BB Plus 250 tablets

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CHOCOLA BB PLUS is a vitamin B2 supplement for alleviation of skin roughness, acne, stomatitis and it is also beneficial at times of physical fatigue.

The product contains vitamin B2, an activated phosphate riboflavin sodium which is easily absorbed.

Combined with vitamin B2, vitamins B1 and B6, the product improves skin and mucosal health.

CHOCOLA BB PLUS tablets come in a reduced size but contain more vitamin B1 and B6 than existing CHOCOLARBB products. They are coated in an orange color using a natural coloring ingredient which reflects the image of CHOCOLA BB.

The product is easily dispensed with its convenient one-touch cap.

CHOCOLA BB has been developed and improved in response to various consumer needs for more than 50 years since it was first launched in 1952. In a recent survey, 60% of women who take vitamin tablets reported suffering from skin roughness, acne, stomatitis and fatigue. CHOCOLA BB PLUS was created with the needs of these consumers in mind.

Made in Japan 


Alleviation of the following conditions: blemishes and brown spots on skin, pigmentation caused by sunburn or rush Vitamin C supplementation in the following conditions: physical fatigue, pregnancy and nursing, recuperation during and after sickness, aging Prevention of bleeding from the gums and nose.


For an adult (15 years old and above), take 1 tablets, 2 times a day, after meals.


Daily dose (2 tablets) contains:

Vitamin B2...38mg

Vitamin B6...50mg

Vitamin B1...20mg


Pantethonic acid, Calcium...20mg


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