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Kao Refresh EX Antibacterial Spray 370ml- Unscented

Kao Refresh EX Antibacterial Spray 370ml- Unscented

Kao Refresh EX Antibacterial Spray 370ml- Unscented

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99.9% sterilization effect. Repel fungus.

Suppress sebum oxidation technology prevents odor occur from stubborn sweat/ sebum. In addition, it also can prevent yellowish stain on cloth which caused by oxidation of sebum.

Contains natural green tea (deodorant ingredient).

Ideal for fabric that we do not wash often:

- Sofa, curtain, bedding etc (20 spray)

- Half dry laundry: clothing, towels, fabric etc (10 spray)

- Smelly clothing: moldy cloth, especially in hot and humid country (20 spray)

- Baby toy: contains natural green tea deodorizing ingredients, can be used on baby's toys (20 spray)

Made in Japan


Spray on clothes: Spray at a distance of 20 - 30cm from the object. Dry thoroughly after spray. Do not spray on dirt as it may cause stains. 

Spray on space: Spray at a distance of 50cm from the wall or ceiling.  


Amphoteric surfactant, green tea extract, disinfectant, perfume, ethanol

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