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Kao Washing Mashing Machine Cleaning Powder 180g

Kao Washing Mashing Machine Cleaning Powder 180g

Kao Washing Mashing Machine Cleaning Powder 180g

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The leftover remnants from your clothes after washing will act as a breeding ground for germs, creating a vicious cycle. The washed clothes with germs from the washing machine will cause skin irritation, allergies and affect the health of your loved ones. 

Kao Washing Machine Cleaning Powder removes stubborn stains, stop the germs from breeding, removes odors. It is easy to use!

Made in Japan


1) Dissolve the powder using warm water and pour it into the washing machine. 

2) Activate the washing machine (high water level), add in a few fabric and let it spin for 5 minutes. Make sure the powder is fully dissolved. 

3) Off the power, let the machine soak for 2-24 hours (the longer it soaks, the cleaner it becomes), then activate the machine and let it run for 5-10 minutes. 

4) If there is a mild odor, you may rinse the machine with clean water 1-2 times. The odor is not harmful and has disinfectant properties. 

2 bags for the first time use. 

1 bag for monthly regular cleaning. 

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