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Kobayashi Microwave Oven Cleaner 3 pieces

Kobayashi Microwave Oven Cleaner 3 pieces

Kobayashi Microwave Oven Cleaner 3 pieces

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Easy to clean dirt and grease inside the microwave oven. No need to rinse with water after use. 

Direction of use 

1. Place a pocket of cleaning sheet in oven with the opening side facing upwards. Then heat 1 minute for 500-600W (switch off defrost function before heat). 

2. The pocket will expand and release the cleaning detergent. (Even if the pocket does not expand, the effectiveness will not change)

3. Let the pocket to cool down for 1-2 minutes before taking out. 

4. Now you can clean the microwave oven inside out thoroughly with the cleaning sheet.

*Please do not reheat the pocket.


(Alkaline) Electrlyzed water, Alcohol

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