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Menicon Care Plus 250ml (with 50ml Meni Case)

Menicon Care Plus 250ml (with 50ml Meni Case)

Menicon Care Plus 250ml (with 50ml Meni Case)

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- Cleaning

- Disinfecting: effective within 5 minutes

- Soaking

- Rinsing after cleaning

- Rinsing before insertion and Lubricating 


Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses:

- Rub the lens carefully with several drops of Menicare Plus solution during 20 seconds.

- Places the lenses in the Right and Left lenshoulder and rinse them with MeniCare Plus.

- Fill the lens case (Meni Case) with MeniCare Plus and soak the lenses for a minimum of 5 minutes or overnight. 

- Before insertion, rinse the lenses with MeniCare Plus. 


- Renew the solution in the lens case after each use or at least once a month in the case of extended soaking periods due to lens wear interruption.

- Once opened, use MeniCare Plus within 3 months and make sure that the bottle is tightly closed after each use. 

- Do not touch the bottle top with fingers. 

- Store at room temperature. 

- Observe the expiry date printed on the left side if the bottle. 

- Not to be taken - do not swallow.

- Keep out reach of children.

- Clean the lens case and renew it on a regular base.

- In case of irritation, remove the lenses and consult your eyecare practitioner.


- Do not use with soft contact lenses. 

- Do not use on case of allergic background to one if the ingredients. 

- Do not mixed with other fluids except as directed. 

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