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Menicon O2 Care Cleaning Solution 120ml

Menicon O2 Care Cleaning Solution 120ml

Menicon O2 Care Cleaning Solution 120ml

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O2 Care cleaning solution is designed especially for cleaning and maintaining rigid gas permeable lenses. Wash your hands before handling the contact lenses. Follow the handling instructions of your contact lens specialist.


- First remove the lens from the eye and rinse it with saline solution.

- Put several drops of O2 Care on each side of the lens.

- Rub the lens carefully in your palm of hand or between your fingers. Dry lens cannot be rubbed.

- Place the lens in the corresponding lens holders (right or left) and rinse them with saline solution.

- Fill your lens holder with the contact lens with O2 Care and tighten it to close it.

- Do the same with other contact lens.



- Rinse the lenses in the lens holders of the lens case thoroughly with saline solution.

- The lenses can now be worn.

- Throw away the remaining solution from the lens case and rinse both with saline solution thoroughly and let it dry in the air.

- For good treatment, we advise daily cleaning with O2 Care and weekly intensive cleaning with Menicon Progent.


- Do not swallow or drink

- Keep out reach of children

- Do not put O2 Care direct in eye. For the rinsing step, use saline solution

- Always use fresh O2 Care solution and respect the expiry date printed on the left side of the bottle

- Once opened, use O2 Care within 6 weeks

- Do not touch the bottle top, always keep the bottle tightly closed

- Store at room temperature

- Store out of sunlight

- Do not use for soft lenses

- Do not mix with other fluids except as directed

- Do not use with other ocular medicines, only after consulting your doctor or your eye care professional 

- Do not use in case of allergic background to one of ingredients

- Remove the lenses first, in case of irritations or other contact lens problem met, rinse thoroughly the eye with water and contact your contact lens specialist

- Prior to first use, check the integrity of the temper-evident ring, Do not use if it is damaged

- If the lenses may not be worn during a long time, the lenses have to be cleaned every 30 days and the lens case has to be filled with fresh solution.


- Sodium Olefin Sulfonate 0.4%

- Polyoxyethylene Alkyl Ether 0.6%

- E.D.T.A. 0.63% - DMDM Hydrantoin 0.04%

- Purified Water ad 100%

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