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Rohto Medical Acne Mist 100ml

Rohto Medical Acne Mist 100ml

Rohto Medical Acne Mist 100ml

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Rohto Medical Acne Mist uses high concentration active ingredients: anti-inflammatory ingredients with anti bacteria ingredients. Both component helps to suppress the generation of acne caused by bacteria and relieve inflammation.

The non-sticky liquid with moisturizing ingredients deliver deep into skin to maximize the effect. It is low acidic, no fragrance and no coloring.

Skin softening ingredients (Salicylic Acid) to soften dead skin and clean the clogged pores. In addition, sterilization component (ethanol), help to sterilize the bacteria causing acne, to repair tissue damaged sunk the inflammation of acne that had anti-inflammatory component (allantoin) is possible, and treat acne. Can e used on the beginning of the acne, is also recommended for acne on body, especially on the back. It can be sprayed with the bottle upside down. Oil-free, fragrance-free, non-colored.


Spray on the affacted area two times a day (morning and evening).


<Active ingredient> ● ethanol 22.84% ● 0.5% ● 0.2% allantoin salicylic acid <Additives> 1,3-butylene glycol, xanthan gum, paraben

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