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Roihi-Tsuboko Regular 156 patches
Roihi-Tsuboko Regular 156 patches
Roihi-Tsuboko Regular 156 patches
Roihi-Tsuboko Regular 156 patches

Roihi-Tsuboko Regular 156 patches

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Roihi-Tsuboko combines the heat-stimulating properties of Nonivamide to promote blood circulation in affected areas with the analgesic effects of Methyl salicylate, l-menthol and other agents to provide pain relief. 

Made in Japan 


Use your fingers to locate the affected areas where there is pain or stiffness and place the plaster there, referring to the following diagrams. 

example of use

Remove the Roihi-Tsuboko plaster from the film and apply it to the affected areas. 


Active ingredients and quantity: g/m2

Methyl salicylate ... 10.76g

l-menthol ... 4.87g

Mentha oil ... 0.53g

dl-camphor ... 3.77g

Thymol ... 0.07g

Nonivamide ... 0.04g


- Do not apply the plaster on the following areas: around the eyes, mucous membrane, etc. On rashes, eczema and wounds. 

- Please consult doctor or pharmacist before use if you have allergies.

- Please stop use immediately if you have rashes/ redness/ itchiness/ pain. 

- Please consult a doctor if the symptoms do not improve even after 5-6 days of use. 

- You may feel stinging or burning sensation in the areas where the plaster has been placed when taking a bath. Be sure to take off the plaster around 30 minutes to 1 hour before having a bath or shower. Please do not take a bath with the plaster on. 

- Be careful when using the plaster during the use of heat-generating products. 

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