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Titania Antibacterial Pumice Sponge

Titania Antibacterial Pumice Sponge

Titania Antibacterial Pumice Sponge

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The TITANIA Pumice Sponge nurtures your hands and fee and together wih water, effortlessly removes calluses, hard skin and ingrained dirt.

It contains silver ions which is a biocidal active substance that prevents the development of bacteria within the pumice sponge.

After each use, simply rinse with a brush under water and your TITANIA Pumice Sponge will remain clean and Hygienic.

Made in Germany

Direction of Use 

1. Use during a shower or bath.

2. Wet the sponge and gently scrub areas of rough skin, such as elbows and knees, or areas with light callusing, such as feet and hands.

3. Alternatively, apply a dime-sized amount of body wash to the surface of the pumice sponge and gently scrub your skin for a total-body exfoliation.

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