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Wakamoto 1000 tablets

Wakamoto 1000 tablets

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Wakamoto is a gastrointestinal drug containing yeast (vitamin supplement) as a base which is obtained by inoculating and cultivating powder of cultured Aspergillus oryzae NK (microorganism producing digestive enzymes) and cultured lactobacilli powder in nutrient-rich embryo buds of rice and wheat. 

- This gastrointestinal drug has 3 effects, for digestion, controlling intestinal function, and nutritional supply.

- Powder of Aspergillus oryzae NK (microorganism producing digestive enzymes ) has effects to weak gastrointestinal digestion, and works to help relieving stomach heaviness and anorexia.

- Cultured lactobacilli powder inhibits intestinal fungi and regulates the gastrointestinal function, which works to create bloated feeling. In addition, it promotes bowel motion and softens stools, which works to relieve constipation.

- Abundant nutrients including vitamins, amino acids, and minerals in 2 kinds of cultured powder and yeast are helpful for a nutritional boost and nutritional supply in cases of physical exhaustion.

- Wakamoto is mainly made from natural products and can be administered by a wide range of consumers, from children to elderly people.

- Dietary fiber included in beer yeasts and cultured powder regulates bowel motion.

Made in Japan 


- Stomach feeling heavy, anorexia, dyspepsia, a feeling of gastrointestinal and abdominal fullness due to dyspepsia, overeating, retching and digestion promotion.

- To regulate the function of the intestines (regulation of bowel motion), loose stools, constipation, and bloated feeling.

- Nutritional boost, delicate constitution, and nutritional support for physical exhaustion, physical condition during and after illness, gastrointestinal disorder, nutrition disorder, pyretic and degenerative diseases, and physical condition before and after childbirth, etc.


3 times a day. To be taken 30 minutes after meal.

For age above 15 years old, 9 tablets once.

For age between 11-14 years old, 6 tablets once.

For age between 8-10 years old, 5 tablets once.

For age between 5-7 years old, 3 tablets once.


[per adult daily dosage: 27 tablets]

Powder of cultured Aspergillus oryzae NK (microorganism producing digestive enzymes) 3375mg

Cultured lactobacilli powder 675mg

Dried yeast (vitamin supplement) (vitamin B1 3.4mg, vitamin B2 2mg and nicotinamide 2mg) 2490.1mg


- Keep out reach of children. 

- Please store in cool dry place. 

- Reseal tightly after use.  

- Please do not exceed the recommended intake. 

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