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Earth Placenta C Jelly 31 sachets (formerly Otsuka Jellies)

Earth Placenta C Jelly 31 sachets (formerly Otsuka Jellies)

Earth Placenta C Jelly 31 sachets (formerly Otsuka Jellies)

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Jelly form's placenta, ease of consuming. Formulated with 7 aesthetic ingredients and mango juice. Delicious!

7 aesthetic ingredients:

  1. Placenta Extract- the extract extracted from placenta called the cradle of life and is the ingredients which can realize beauty. 
  2. Low Molecular Collagen Peptide- collagen is a type of protein which is indispensable for beauty. 
  3. Elastin- known as the protein existing in the elastic tissue and essential for your beauty. 
  4. Proteoglycan- contained in salmon nasal cartilage extract and known as the component contained in cartilage etc.
  5. Vitamin C- it is a vitamin that is known to be necessary to make collagen, and contained in fruit juice etc.
  6. Mangosteen Extract- the extract extracted from the skin of mangosteen, also known as the queen of fruits and rich in polyphenol.
  7. Bird's Nest Extract- extract from the nest of swiftlets that inhabit China and other limited areas and known as the ingredients that support your beauty. 

Made in Japan

Direction of use

Take 1 Strip a day. Consume it immediately after opening. Product might melt at high temperature.


Mango juice, erythritol, pig collagen peptide (including gelatin), swine placenta extract powder, black vinegar, apple cider vinegar, swine elastin, mangosteen extract powder, yeast nest enzyme treated extract, salmon nose cartilage extract (including salmon) / Gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), fragrance, acidulant, vitamin C, sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose)

Nutritional Information (as per box 31 sachets)

Energy 99 kcal 
Protein 11 g 
Lipid 0 g 
Carbohydrate 33 g 
Salt equivalent amount 0.4 g 
Vitamin C 465 mg

Other ingredients indication (as per box 31 sachets)

Placenta extract equivalent (powder 3, 300 mg ) 132,000 mg 
Collagen 6,600 mg
Elastin 220 mg 
Proteoglycan 13 mg 
Swallow's nest extract 111 mg 
Mangosteen extract 111 mg 
Caffeine 0 mg

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