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Medijel 15g

Medijel 15g

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Antiseptic pain-relieving gel for quick and effective relief from the pain of mouth ulcers, soreness of the gums resulting from rubbing dentures, gingivitis or traumatic ulcers. Assits in healing and also relieves discomfort of new dentures. 

Made in England


For fast and effective relief from pain, apply a small quantity of Medijel on a clean fingertip directly to the abrasion, ulcer or painful area. Repeat the application every 20 minutes if necessary.


    Serious adverse reactions are rare but  may occur in connection with a relative or an absolute overdose. The symptoms consistent with taking a very large overdose are; the excitation of the central nervous system causing restlessness, excitement, nervousness, dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, muscle twitching, tremors and convulsion. In the event any of these symptoms should appear, seek medical attention immediately.


    Medigel is available in a tube 15g containing:

    Lignocaine Hydrochloride BP 0.66%w/w

    Aminacrine Hydrochloride BP 0.05%w/w

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